Nancy (Sinatra) was born on December 24th, 1982, in Liège (Belgium). Her father, a Frank Sinatra fan, chose to name his daughter « Nancy », in homage to the singer. A nod to predestine Nancy to choose an artistic job !
About her family connections with the star, Nancy knows a  few things... Her paternal grandparents came from Lercara Friddi, in Sicily, just like Frank's Family. The two families immigrated to two different countries (Belgium and the U.S.A). We don’t really know if the two families are connected.


Nancy was exposed to music from the cradle. Admiring, her dad singing with his guitar, she wanted to imitate him from an early age.  As a  teenager, she got a taste for performing,  which led her to discovery acting.
She loved to perform and get into the skin of different characters but, she never dreamed one day she would work for television. And nonetheless, she got her first TV program at 19.


She loves being able to entertain people, on stage, during a program or in a song !

Nancy would like to thank everyone who has believed in her, because it's thanks to them, to public and her lucky star that Nancy is who she is today.

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